To qualify for this award, you must:
(A) have a minimum GPA of 3.750 on a 4 point scale, or 93.7500% of the grade scale your school uses for 7 semesters/11 trimesters. GPA may not be rounded up. (Your school’s grade scale is determined by the point value awarded a regular, non-weighted “A”; examples are listed on the back of the application)
(B) be a graduating senior
(C) have lettered in your high school program (swimming, diving) your senior year.
(D) A copy of your transcript is required.
Eagles Swim and Dive Academic Hall of Fame


Brandon Hooper
Greg Kyle
Emma Jaggears
Jackie Rajek


Mike Britt
Kyle Crandall
Galen Dockman
Evan Fredericksen
Anna Burdette
Jennifer Rutledge
Mallory Weaver
Katie Bekemeyer

Lennox Balog
Mark Anderson
Nathan Weingarth

Cody Bekemeyer
Anna Jaggears

Kayla Aguirre
Reagan Balog
Matt Herbig
Evan Kellams
Andy McCaffrey
Max Johnson
Wesley Hobbs
Maddie Helmick
Sarah Walters
Jace Hamby


Bailey Knapp
Driscoll Crabbe 


Andrew Winton
Nicole Melnik
Ty McCaffrey
Grant Gordon
Kari Atnip 
Haley Arner



Noah Fleece 
Katelyn Gonzalez
Michael Hall 
Victoria Kabat
Sadie Maxwell
Katherine Rhodes 

Jennifer Weaver,
Dec 18, 2012, 5:16 AM